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LitePaq AB was founded in 1995, based on a patented method to laminate and stabilise square tubes of PE- coated cardboard. LitePaq pallets are produced from PE coated liquid board in Karlstad, Sweden. Our products are extremely lightweight pallets resistant to both moisture and heavy loads. As a producer of pallets, LitePaq has done Eco-certification based on life cycle analysis.

Lightweight pallets

LitePaq produces lightweight pallets that are resistant to moisture and can manage heavy loading.

Advantages with LitePaq´s pallets are:

  • Low weight – low shipping costs
  • Hygienic and insect free
  • Approved for entry into all countries without treatment or certificate
  • Can be used in facilities with open food handling
  • Can be recycled to cardboard
  • Complete solutions for packaging and shipping

Durable pallets

LitePaq palets can carry anything from a couple of kilograms to several tons.

The cardboard is cut into strips that are heated and wound into square tubes. The finished tube is composed of laminated layers of cardboard, which will keep its shape and resist moisture. The tubes are cut to pallet stringers, and stabilised with inserted “standing” pieces of tube. Finally the deck plate is glued to the stringers.

Our half pallet is recommended for 400 kilograms.

Eco friendly pallets

Businesses do not have to deal with returns, deposits and administration. After use, the pallet is thrown into the shop’s compactor together with corrugated board and cardboard. Wherever LitePaq replaces wooden or other pallets, the costs for air transport can be reduced.

LitePaq can be customized, from 600x400 mm and upwards.

As a producer of pallets, LitePaq has implemented Eco-certification based on life cycle analysis.When the pallet (based on coated liquid board) has been used, it can be recycled. The cardboard is separated from the plastic. 

The cardboard is recycled and the plastic is used for energy.

Special - Solutions for packing

Customized packaging solutions. Nothing is too heavy or difficult.

We can also customize complete solutions for your packaging, where each box has an interior, designed for the specific product. This is also made completely from recyclable material, and can be compressed together with other cardboard material. 

Contact us, and we will help you find your unique packaging solution.